No Exploding Gifts — Maybe!

Oddly enough, in my family comic books were considered doomsday devices (or at least bad literature) so I never received any as Christmas or birthday gifts. I did get a chemistry set once, though. I was so disappointed that I never figured out how to blow up anything.

Hmm. Come to think of it, I guess comic books are more dangerous. I’m still hooked on them.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A man and a woman are sitting on the grass. The man looks troubled. The woman reaches out in concern and touches his arm.

MAN: Gosh! The kids want a Lil’ Genius Lab Kit, but we’re still recovering from their last nuclear meltdown!

WOMAN: Let’s give them comics instead!

SCENE: The man is standing, facing away and looking towards the background. The woman remains sitting.

MAN: Perfect! Comics are cheaper than doomsday devices! And they’re almost as educational!

WOMAN: Heavens, yes! I learned a lot from those "adult" comics you hid under the bed!

CAPTION: Comics: Smart reading for junior delinquents of all ages!


  1. When Gary was growing up, his dad was convinced that comic books were a waste of time. So it was good of him to admit he was wrong once it became clear that they were providing a decent living to his son and DIL, which in turn enabled them to assist him financially when he needed it. Life is funny that way!

  2. I love the irony, Sue. My folks had no use for comics. But they’ve come around since I’ve turned it into a career. Neither are ever going to be comics readers, but the like the fact I’m making a buck with these “funny books.”

  3. Adult comics are great. Especially the popups.

  4. Cleo, glad to see you here on the blog. Yes, it’s hard to beat pop ups for fun of any sort.


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