Love to Loan

Art by Alberta Tewks from the story “Love Lessons” in ALL TRUE ROMANCE #18, 1954. Click image to enlarge.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman combing her hair and holding a mirror.

WOMAN: Thanks for loaning me your new dress and new shoes! Any chance you have a new husband too?

1954 Art: Alberta Tewks Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira


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  1. “Today’s Love Lesson is brought to you by the number 1 and the letters H-O”

    Like many disembodied heads, Jean was at a disadvantage when competing with girls who had torsos and limbs

    This is like that Electric Company episode where the right silhouette said “Sk-” and the left silhouette said “-ank”. And then they both said “Skank”.

    Having found the switch located on the back of her head, Joan set her hair from Stun to Kill…

    Unfortunately, the only Love Lesson both Marilyn and Joan would learn is that, when a guy says he’s had a vasectomy, he might be lying.


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