Love Tax

Many thanks to¬†Mike Pascale for the art changes and for the multiple rewrites we went through for this comic. Sometimes our collaborations involve gags that are mostly Mike’s (with maybe a word or two changed by me.) Others are mostly mine—with a word or two of changes by Mike.

And then there are gags like this where Mike wrote the first word balloon. I wrote the second second and third. Mike suggested some great changes to shorten the dialogue in those second and third balloons. And then—inspired by his changes—I made some additional changes to make the dialogue even shorter.

What? You thought this comedy business was simple?

Art by John Tartaglione from the story “Elopement” in FIRST KISS #4, 1958.

↓ Transcript
YOUNG WOMAN (DAUGHTER): Why is love so taxing?

MOM: Beats me! But the sex tax is absurd! Some nights I can barely afford to pay your dad!

1958 Art: John Tartaglione Foreground Color: Dan McConnell
Master Taxer & Facial Fixer: Mike Pascale

Art by John Tartaglione from the story "Elopement" in FIRST KISS #4, 1958.

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  1. “Yes, but were you wearing underwear at the time?”

    “Did the DA offer you a plea bargin too?”

    “In a big pile or dog poop? Cos that’s where I’m standing. You changed Fifi’s diet again huh?”

    “Well it’s your house! I’m sure you’ve stood in every spot there is in here at least once over the years!”

    “And you still had the gall to wear white on your wedding day?”


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