I’ll Never Sleep with You

Artist unknown. From the story “Flight to Destiny” in SWEETHEART #104, 1951.

↓ Transcript
ANGRY WOMAN: I’ll never sleep with you! Never! Never! Never!!!*
ANGRY WOMAN (again): But, when I do, it’s going to be great!**
CAPTION: *What she says **What he hears
1951 Artist Unknown Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira

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  1. Can you spot all the errors in this picture?
    1) “I won’t get aid”. That’s right. The editor left off the “L”
    2) “I-I’ll be late”. Well if she’s not gonna get ‘aid’ then she’s not gonna be late, now is she?
    3) “I’ll go the long way around, close to shore!”. The shortest path between two points is a straight line. And since there’s nothing straight about Steve, she can walk the shore from here to Jersey Shore. She ain’t getting Steve.
    4) “My brain throbbed with fever”. In order to suffer from a fever that affects a thing, one must actually possess the thing first.
    5) “Flight to Destiny”. Sorry to tell you Ms. Abdulrashid, but you really should have planned your trip prior to January 2017
    6) “Marlene’s image was before me.” Well, if it bothers you that much, switch the channel. TCM is showing “Witness for the Prosecution” all day today.
    7) The gang sign she’s flashing indicates she’s a Mafia Crip. And no one’s buying into that. Wannabe.


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