Ignore Bizarro Facts

Love (and politics) on the Bizarro Planet:
Me ignore stupid facts. So me always right. If you ignore facts too then me always right at least twice.

↓ Transcript
MAN (to woman): Sure! The facts make it look like you’re right! But think about it! That
would mean I’m wrong!

Art by Vince Colletta Studio


  1. OMG – THANK YOU! You have just captured how I feel when morons @reply me stating their opinion as THE TRUTH with absolutely no basis in fact. I love all your comics (I have the bag with “More Caffeine, I have lives to run!) but this might just be my absolutely favorite…

  2. Lee, no one knows where Republicans come from. Some say the Bizarro Planet. Some say it’s deep in the heartland—at least six feet deep. Rumors of an entrance via a right-wing cemetery persist.



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