If Life’s a Journey…

Of course, everyone must have their own version of this “If life’s a journey” theme. After extensive thought (for almost 10 seconds) here’s mine:

If life’s a journey, I want to travel first class with a plane full of comic cheerleaders. (Instead of cheering for sports teams, they’d cheer for comic creators.) Their hobbies would include giving massages, jumping jacks and chess.

What’s your version of “If life’s a journey?”

Post your ideas here in the comments section below this comic. Have fun, but keep your remarks relatively clean–PG13 or at least a soft R-rated–because…hey, you never know. Your mom might read this.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman at airport. She's just exited a plane.

WOMAN: If life’s a journey, I want a better seat…and free cocktails!


  1. About those cheerleaders you mentioned? Who do you want for your masseurs? What!? Um… How many U.S. presidents were cheerleaders? George W. Bush wielded his megaphone as head cheerleader at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. Ronald Reagan rallied the crowds at Eureka College in Illinois. Dwight D. Eisenhower got them fired up at West Point Academy. And Franklin D. Roosevelt shouted from the sidelines at Harvard. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, and Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran are former cheerleaders as well. Your kind of line-up? http://www.askamalecheerleader.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/bushcheer4.jpg

  2. David, it’s hard for me to imagine Ginsburg as a cheerleader, but I’ll take your word for it. She can join me on the flight. But can she play chess?

  3. If life’s a journey, the exchange rate is not in my favor.

  4. If life’s a journey, can I be on the bus without the politicians?

  5. John, if life’s a journey, then *I* want to be in the pilot’s seat!

  6. If life is a journey I want to be on a bus (with out the politicians like Eric). A bus goes slower and I want to enjoy the ride. Free cocktails appreciated, cheer leaders optional.

  7. If life is a journey, please give me some maps…not with ready-plotted course, but with information about sharp curves and steep hills and some swamps a person could find themselves in without knowing it. It is important to state again, these maps would not come with charted courses…nay, not for me! A person needs to be able to adapt to new information and change their minds.

  8. If life’s a journey, I’d like to take it WITHOUT removing my shoes first!

  9. If life’s a journey, I’d like David Sedaris as my OnStar voice.

  10. With my luck at times, John…
    My journey would be piloted by those Northwest dummies gambling and downloading porno on their laptops, have booze at $50 a tiny bottle, stuck next to a farting fat evangelist selling salvation at $600 a soul (pork rinds come free with that), blown up in the name of Donny and Marie by Utah terrorists, and end on an uncharted island and being chased by……not the hot fugitive, the hotter Korean heiress, or the HOT DAMN Aussie preggo…. no….the smoke monster who needs $3.99!
    Aaaaagh! Great toon though….

  11. If Life’s a journey, then I feel like the road kill.

    And the driver who hit me was a GoDaddy girl.

  12. If life’s a journey….

    I’m the five year old in the back seat whining “Are we there, yet??”

  13. If life’s a journey, I want to be beamed from point A to point B without the airport hassles, long walks between terminals, delays, luggage limitations and bad food even in first class. We just got back from Sandusky, Ohio at the ISCA convention. We have it easy compared to the Japanese, Korean, Australian, Belgian, Dutch, Finnish, and New Zealand caricaturists. Some of the Canadian caricaturists had an easier road trip from Montreal. But the journey was worth it for all the fun we had during the week.



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