Honeymoon for Three

There are actually two versions of the original art. Here’s the art is as it appeared on the splash page of “The End of Summer” in First Kiss #34 (drawn by the Vince Colletta Studio):

Click image to enlarge.

And here it is—slightly repositioned and reworked by Dick Giordano—for use on the issue’s cover:

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To save time—and especially money—Charlton Comics often used elements of the interior art for its covers.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman tearfully watches as her husband and her mom walk on the back with their arms around each other.

WOMAN (thinking): Maybe taking mom on our honeymoon was a mistake!

Art: Vince Colletta Studio & Dick Giordano
Color: Allen Freeman


  1. When did the original comics appear? This looks pretty early 1960’s, maybe?

    • The original comic appeared in 1963, Trish.

  2. Wow… an actual ad on the cover! A full decade before Marvel’s Toys R Us sweepstakes!

    And why is she wearing a beaver hat at the beach? (I know… but the coloring obscures the cross-hatching.)



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