Hello! Good Buy?

I know. I know. You can’t actually buy Happiness.

After all times are tough. So you can’t afford the super-sized, deluxe package of 2010 Happiness that you see advertised on TV.

But for low monthly payments you may be able to buy a version of last year’s Happiness. (Economy-sized, slightly used and factory reconditioned.) Act now and we’ll throw in extra Joy and a complete season of Glee!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Wide-eyed young woman with wrapped, presents that she has apparently just purchased.

WOMAN: Gosh! I CAN buy happiness!


  1. That blank, “shop-alcoholic stare while caressing two packages made me laugh outloud. Good gag, especially for this time of year!

  2. Oh… lots of girls buy “happiness”. Happiness comes in various sizes, some are battery powered, some have remote controls.

    For guys, they usually have to pay by the hour (or if you’re in Times Square, you can pay by the minute, but the movie selection is not that great).

    And if a guy is lucky, he gets to pay for happiness for the rest of his life.



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