The original First Kiss story “Magic in the Moon” is the tale of Plain Amy.

Amy’s self-esteem is lower than a snake’s waistline. And there’s no chance she’ll ever fall in love. Ever.

But then…

Amy becomes a contestant on a TV show and wins…a complete makeover!

Extra goodies include a Florida vacation and a hot dude to be her hired heartthrob.

It’s true love…Hollywood Style!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: On the set of a TV talk show a young woman looks stunned as the host talks.

TV SHOW HOST: Surprise! Our next guest is your husband’s other secret wife!

Art by Vince Colletta Studio Color by Allen Freeman


  1. Ah… I’ve always preferred the “Diana Prince” look over “Wonder Woman”.

    Although, the “after” isn’t bad…

  2. Oh, yes, the whole “she’s wearing glasses – how HIDEOUS she is!” Hollywood (or it’s imitators)- gotta love it!



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