Grand Slam

When you get down to it, isn’t baseball a metaphor for darn near everything?

(Now funny in German too.)

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man and woman embracing outside--possibly in the woods or in a park.

MAN (thinking): I wonder if I can get to first base?

WOMAN (thinking): C'mon! Slide into home!


  1. I had a bad day.

    Today’s Last Kiss made me laugh and feel better!! Thanks!! ­čśÇ

  2. Oddly enough, you just made me feel better, Les! Hearing that from a reader always perks me up.

  3. Yup….

    Known for his tape measure blast, Grover Cleveland Alexanderson, a utility player in the bush league, was caught looking at the pitchers mound of a dish. A yakker, she worked some sweet chin music on his meatball until he was high and tight. Feeling the heat from the rubber game, he fed her the Mendoza line, went around the horn, maneuvered between the gap in her alley, angled into the hot corner, found the sweet spot in the hole, and nailed down the triple crown (a backdoor slider, a moon shot, and a bang bang play).

    Three months later, after reviewing the video from the security camera at the National Museum of Baseball in the Americas and consulting with the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, the Society for American Baseball Research issued their scorecard for the play. Three new notations were required to properly denote the play, and many fans decried the use of pop-up paper mechanics, although it sold quite well in the gift shop.

    • Excellent, Torsten. There’s a job waiting for you in major league baseball as a color commentator!

  4. Yes, and that color would be blue…



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