Every Dog Has His Day, Part 1

Can you dump someone before the first date? Stay tuned (or tooned) for the another exciting, action-packed episode in just two days!

↓ Transcript
Scene: Man and woman at the beach.

MAN: Congratulations! You're the lucky girl I've chosen to fall madly in love with me!

MAN: After you do, of course, I'll lose interest and dump you!

WOMAN: Couldn’t you just dump me now?

CAPTION: Part 1 of 3


  1. Doesn’t this girl look like Liz Taylor?

  2. Sure. It’s Liz’s twin imaginary sister.

  3. Very funn. Doesn’t fit me though. This version would fit me if roles reversed:

    Woman: Congratulations! You’re the luck boy I have chosen to fall madly in love with me.
    Woman: After you do, of course, you will no longer please or satisfy me and I will live to berate you with every opportunity.

    Man: Good thing I already have a good lawyer. If Obama can fix our country’s healthcare system maybe I can get a good therapist too.

  4. M.I.L., maybe after Obama fixes the health care system, he can fix the legal system too. A good lawyer can be even more expensive than a good doctor. In fact, even a bad lawyer can be more expensive!


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