Dating Dad
See the original vintage art and text below.

Dating Dad

Art by Reed Crandall  from the story "Bitter Love" in CINDERELLA LOVE #2, 1951.

Art by Reed Crandall from the story “Bitter Love” in CINDERELLA LOVE #2, 1951.

↓ Transcript
WOMAN #1: You’re
dating my dad?

WOMAN #2: Only for an hour! That’s all he can afford!

1951 Art: Reed Crandall Re-Creation: Elite Avni-Sharon



  1. Interesting, a round heeled girl, who doesn’t like a push over.

  2. Old: She certainly has a push out.
    New: Given the artist’s background, this sounds like the story of Juddah and Tamar (you know, the one with Onan in it).

  3. WOW! The subtlety of the Ben Days and then the pop of the whites.

    • The wall has both chicken pox and measles.


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