Chocolate Easter

So, maybe there is something better than chocolate?

↓ Transcript
MAN (hiding a string of pearls behind his back as he talks to someone who is off-panel): Well, no! I don’t have a giant, chocolate egg for you, but...

1960 Pencils: Charles Nicholas Color: Allen Freeman


  1. Don’t go mushy on us, John!

    (I guess sarcasm can go on holiday once in a while, though…)

  2. Well, depends — are those natural pearls or cultured? *g* Happy Easter, John.

  3. That was way sweet! Happy Easter. Hope the bunny brings you lots of chocolate

  4. John, I love pearls.

  5. Judging from the reaction this comic is receiving, it seems to be a hit. So maybe going a bit “mushy” every once in awhile is okay! Happy Easter!


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