Casual Friday Freakout

Art by Vince Colletta Studio in the story “Made for Romance” in FIRST KISS #4, 1958.

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↓ Transcript
WOMAN (thinking): I thought Casual Fridays meant no underwear!

1958 Art: Vince Colletta Studio Color: Allen Freeman
Art by Vince Colletta Studio in the story "Made for Romance" in FIRST KISS #4, 1958.

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  1. “Now the ancient prophecies will be fulfilled! Hail Nyarlothotep! Come crawling to us quickly O Dark Lord!”

    “Wait. Maybe it’s just gas. I did have a burrito at lunch. And I do love burritos. Do I feel the same way about him as I do about burritos? That’s a pretty high bar to expect poor Harry to have to jump.”

    “Now I feel just awful about ruining his life!”

    “Well. I suppose I better untie him now.”


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