Better Than 3D! It’s Real Life!

Actually, this comic is in 3D. You just need to stare at it for a few hours (without blinking) to see it properly. Whoops! You blinked! Better start over…

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A very attractive woman is talking and smiling to a wide-eyed man who's looking down towards her chest.

WOMAN: I’m better than 3d! I’m 36 Double D!


  1. I’m at hour one and it’s not quite 3D yet. Better keep staring . . .

  2. Stop! Or you’ll go blind!

    Let me get my x-ray specs… right next to my night vision goggles…

    “You know… most women aren’t properly fitted for bras. Let me get my calipers…”



  1. Last Kiss - Besser als 3-D - [...] Übersetzung: Gerd Syllwasschy | Originalfassung [...]

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