And the Answer is…No!!!

Art by Art Saaf & Mike Peppe from the story “Kiss & Run” in NEW ROMANCES #14, 1952.

↓ Transcript
MAN: I wonder if everyone finds me as attractive as I do?

1957 Art: Art Saaf & Mike Peppe Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira


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  1. “Well, we always told Mom it was risky to sleep with Charlie Sheen”

    “Yes Dad. She would have been so proud that you perfected the whole magical-flying-talking-decapitated-head thing”

    “Ugh. Yes Dad. Mom’s dead. We get it. Jeesh. Let it go already. It’s like she was your wife or something”

    “Wait. Mom’s Dead? When did that happen? I knew I hadn’t seen her around lately. But I figured she had run off with another guy on your bowling team again.”


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