Your Crazy Behavior

Art by Vince Colletta Studio from the story "My Outlaw Lover" in FIRST KISS #20, 1961.

Art by Vince Colletta Studio from the story “My Outlaw Lover” in FIRST KISS #20, 1961.

Meanwhile, back in the present…
See the revamped version of this art and with new, funny dialogue in today’s Last Kiss Comic.


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  1. Wait a minute! I’m not Vince!

    • Oops. I meant, “Wait a minute! I’m not Neil! “

  2. “Wait a minute, I’m… er… Neil’s twin brother. The good one. Yeah, the good one, that’s the ticket.”

  3. It looks like the crazy behavior includes wearing brown suits with white collared shirts. Maybe he’s even omitted wearing a tie! The Fashion Police have already warned him. I’ll bet he’s even taken to wearing those narrow ties! The things that happen when you try to be a few years ahead of the current fashions….

  4. And that fingernail looks like it could open a carotid artery with a single poke….



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