Mob Moll

Art by Myron Fass from the story "Women to Love" in COMPLETE ROMANCE #1, 1949.

Art by Myron Fass from the story “Women to Love” in COMPLETE ROMANCE #1, 1949.

Clean and honest are my goals!

Right now I’m about 60 percent clean. (My neck, right bicep and left calf are immaculate!) As for honesty…I’m at least 99.9 percent truthful.

Okay. Now that you mention it…I’m probably only about 34 percent clean. (I washed behind my left armpit.) But so what? I’m still 105 percent honest—maybe more!

Meanwhile, back in the present…
See the revamped version of this art and with new, funny dialogue in today’s Last Kiss Comic.

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  1. If I ever have a grandson I’m going to suggest to the parents they should name him Sinclair Drago.



  1. Last Kiss » Archive » The Queen of Caffeine - [...] Meanwhile, back in 1949… See the original 1949 art and dialogue for today’s Last Kiss webcomic here. [...]

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