Couple-Up Contest #2—Starring Mike Grell

lk20130624 To win, submit the funniest dialogue for the contest image by July 1, 2013 at 10 p.m. PDT.

Submit dialogue as a comment to this post. (See Comment section below.)

You do not have to write dialogue for both word balloons. You can just have the man, the woman or both speak.

Or they can be thinking instead of speaking. (I can swap out the word balloons for thought bubbles.)


—On July 5, 2013, the winning dialogue will be lettered in the contest comic and posted on this website as well as GoComics; Romance Beat; World Famous Comics; and the Last Kiss fan page on The winner’s name will be prominently displayed with the comic.

This instant fame will make you the envy of everyone you’ve ever known—assuming you tell them how cool it is.

—You will also receive a high-quality print of the contest comic with your name and dialogue lettered into the art. The print will be autographed by Last Kiss creator John Lustig.

—You’ll also receive 10 Last Kiss note or greeting cards as well as a Last Kiss Sticky Notebook.”


—At least three runners-up will be selected. Each will receive five Last Kiss note or greeting cards.

Other Important Stuff:

The “funniest dialogue” will be selected at the sole discretion and outrageous whim of Last Kiss creator John Lustig.

Posting a link to or promoting another website or product is forbidden and will be cause for removal and possible banning from the site.

Four-letter words or material that is sexually graphic or offensive can result in your submission being removed from the website and consideration.

Important Rules & Legal Stuff

Enter as often as you like. But please just submit your best gags.

Any entries that are not in English will not be considered and will be removed from the website.

If you do not live in the United States or Canada, you must pay shipping if you wish to have your prize mailed to you.

Additional Legal Fine Print

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  1. (thought balloons)
    She: Oh, I wish this kiss could last forever!
    He: Oh, I wish I was kissing Aquaman instead!

  2. She: I’m all a-quiver!!

    He: Why do you think they call me “Green Arrow”?

  3. she – “Oh my God, he had his tongue pierced.”

    He- “She wants me so bad I didn’t have time to finish my Skittles!”

  4. Thought balloons for both:
    BC: I’d think a superhero would kiss better than this.
    GA: I’d think a superhero would kiss better than this.

  5. “Wow! You are too happy to see me, (Or you have a very big arrow in your pocket) Either way it is a “Win-win” for me”

  6. Her: We’ll be together…forever!!
    Him: You’re probably right, “Super-Glue Lips Girl”!

  7. HER:Ok, I told him I would dress as Black Canary for his birthday, but this is the last time I do this.
    HIM: WOW can’t believe she did this for my birthday, I wonder if I can get her into that Wonder Woman costume I saw at the shop for Christmas!.

  8. Him: “Want me to show you my ‘arrow’ now?”
    Her: “Rumors are that you only have a ‘dart’.”

  9. BC – “oh Ollie! You kiss like Zatanna!”
    GA – “mmm.. Wait, what!?”

  10. She: “Oh, Mike. So this is what kissing a man is really like.”
    Mike: “Sure is, Baby, and I’ve had a LOT of practice.”

  11. “Dang! Shouldn’t have used that hot new Super Glue® lipstick!”


  12. Moon (speaking): I knew you two would hit it off.
    Green Arrow (thinking): I wonder if she can hear the moon, too?

  13. Her: Is that a crossbow bolt in your pocket or are you pleased to see me?
    Robin Hood: It’s not me who’s called Little John.

  14. So it’s too late…
    Moon: I hope they’ve got protection…
    Hat: No sweat. I’ve got him covered.


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