Champagne Poser

Today’s Last Kiss: Do you know your liquor? Or are you a champagne poser?

Original art from First Kiss #31 (1963) from a three-page story about the importance and joy of taking care of your teeth. Art by Dick Giordano.

↓ Transcript
WOMAN (In cocktail dress): Champagne?
Sure! I’m an expert! I drink a six-pack every night!
Art: Dick Giordano
Color: Allen Freeman
©2013 Last Kiss Inc

Couple-Up Contest Winner: Ed Bertoli

We had hundreds of submissions in the first Last Kiss Couple-Up Contest and many of them were outstanding. But only one could win.

Congratulations to Ed Bertoli who came up with an excellent and very funny flaw for a conniving husband’s homemade robot spouse.

Runners-Up: Keiko Alvarez, Gary Dunaier, Charles Kramer, Helen Stockfleth, and Jacqueline Hallenbeck.

You can see their hilarious submissions and many more here.

↓ Transcript
Last Kiss Couple-Up
Contest Winner: Ed Bertoli

CAPTION: As Roger adds the final touches to the robot duplicate of his wife, he suddenly detects a fatal flaw...

ROGER: Oh darling, say those three little words that will change my life forever.

ROBOT: I'm a lesbian.

Winning Dialogue: Ed Bertoli Opening Caption: Jim Salicrup

©2013 Last Kiss Inc

Zombie Dearest

For now, this is the final episode of Cosplay Comics (TM) featuring the lovely (and gracious-even-when-she’s-one-of-the-evil-dead) Brieanna Brock.

My thanks to Brie for being such a good sport. It’s been great fun. I hope to do more photo comics sometime with Brie and possibly other models. (If you’d like to see more too, let me know.)

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Model Brieanna Brock made up to look like a zombie.

ZOMBIE BRIEANNA: You’re so cute and alive! I could just eat you up!
Image ©Brieanna Brock Dialogue ©2013 Last Kiss Inc

I’m Sorry, But…

Is your significant other cold and distant? Surprise. It's apparently your fault! Original art from First Kiss #3 (1958.)

Advice to myself:

I probably won’t ever win an argument by saying, “I’m sorry!”

But I’ll certainly lose fewer if I say “I’m sorry.” And then shut the *&^% up!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man and woman talking.

MAN: I’m sorry, but…

WOMAN: Stop at “but!” We’ll
both be happier!

Art: Vince Colletta Studio
Color: Allen Freeman
©2013 Last Kiss Inc

Tea Party for One

My only experience with proper tea parties was when my daughters were young and I had innumerable imaginary teas from their dainty plastic cups.

The great thing about imaginary tea is that you can always add imaginary rum.

The worst thing about imaginary tea spiked with imaginary rum? Imaginary hangovers!

Oh, yes—in case you’re wondering—this is #6 (of seven) Cosplay Comics (TM) featuring model Brieanna Brock.

My thanks to Brieanna and Dawn Call Photography for letting me ham up their Wonderland of a photo!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A photo of Brieanna Brock in a sexy outfit at a Wonderland tea party by herself.

BRIEANNA: Tell the Tea Party I want my magic mushrooms back!

Photo ©2013 Dawn Call Photography
Model: Brieanna Brock Dialogue ©2013 Last Kiss Inc