Free Last Kiss Tattoos at Comic-Con—July 12-15

Comic-Con International is early this year—July 12-15. But the Last Kiss Entertainment booth is the same as last year—Booth #2302. It’s near the middle of the con floor, close to one of the front doors. So it’s easy to find.

I’ll be at the Last Kiss booth roughly 39,000 hours a day…eagerly waiting to talk to you…and any other unwary souls who wander by. So come by.

We’re giving away Last Kiss (temporary) tattoos this year. They’re free to members of my Last Kiss mailing list. (Three times a week, I e-mail Last Kiss comics to list members.) Join now or at the convention.

Click to enlarge.


I’ll also have plenty of cool Last Kiss merchandise on hand—shirts, magnets, tote bags, mugs, etc.

Defying the laws of time and space, I’ll also somehow be appearing for about an hour each day at Justin Chung’s World Famous Comics booth (#5560) which is just inside one of the entrances near the Illustrators and Fantasy Illustrators area.

I hope to see you at one of the booths!

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  1. My super daughter said she would stop by and get me something. (She’s “super” for a number of reasons, the least of which is not that she named her sons Anakin and Kal El.)

    • Congrats, Bob! You do indeed have a super daughter!

  2. It was great working with you John..Hope the temporary tattoos were a big hit.


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