New Last Kiss “Contest” on Facebook

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a contest. Too long for Last Kiss super fan Jim Guida.

Jim saw this 1960s romance panel that I posted recently and e-mailed me, “The woman’s response in the original art just screams for a caption contest. C’mon!”

Okay, Jim. Here’s the contest that I posted on Facebook.

This time, though, let’s keep it low key. I’m not going to pick a winner. (Hey, that means you’re all winners.) But if you’ve got a great caption or bit of dialog to add to this art, let’s hear it.

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  1. Have him checked for STDs!

  2. He: “Sailing the ocean is like being with a beautiful woman. That’s why men name their boats with women’s names and call them ‘She”.

    She: “Is that why the captain always goes down on his ship?”

  3. He: We’ll have to hurry your mother is waiting for me in the light house.
    She: It won’t take long, if you’re anything like your dad.

  4. The sea is telling me you are a perfect jerk! But I looove jerks like you!

  5. Wonderful twisted Last Kiss fans strike again. Thanks for the laughs guys, all your captions are tops.


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