My Cover on Comics Buyer’s Guide #1676 & a New Writing Contest

Talk about perfect timing! My copy of Comics Buyer’s Guide #1676 arrived today on Valentine’s Day. A great Valentine’s gift for me since I did the cover and the theme of the issue is romance comics.

Well, okay. The late Dick Giordano did the original art and Allen Freeman extended and colored the art. But I wrote the dialog.

I’ve decided to just show the art here for now. You’ll have to pick up the magazine to see the gags I wrote.

Besides, it’s been awhile since I had a contest for readers. So here’s the deal.

Contest Rules

Submit your dialog for this art in the comments section below. Contest closes Monday night at midnight. I’ll pick a winner by the end of that week. Winner gets 10 Last Kiss notecards.

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  1. Man: I’m glad you finally got here! The doctor *said* I should “take two and call him the morning”

  2. What, you said you wanted me to get over that bee sting faster!

  3. Here is a prescription that will cure what ails you.

  4. I was just checking to see if that nasty fever has gone down…!

  5. Oh, Hi. If you’ll excuse us a while, she is helping me up to go pee.

  6. Don’t get mad Alice. I told you last week that my sex therapy involved Sue dressing like a nurse.

  7. Woman in Red: Just call me, Dr. Kevorkian.

  8. Okay, the contest is officially closed. I’m going to try to announce a winner this Friday (Feb. 18), but this is a really busy week for me. So don’t be completely shocked if I select and announce the winner on Monday (Feb. 28) instead.

    By the way, only the most recent submissions are listed on this page. To see the rest, go to:


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