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Many thanks to everyone who saw my recent post about my cat Cous Cous and commented here or on Facebook about how beautiful/adorable/magnificent she is.

For those of you who expressed concern about her size. Well…

She’s not quite as heavy as she looks. She weighs 15 pounds (down two pounds from a couple of years ago) and she could probably stand to lose another pound. But according to our vet she isn’t actually obese.

She’s almost certainly part Maine Coon and those cats are huge. Bigger than some dogs. Smaller than your average tractor trailer.

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  1. She’s beautiful. Obviously not fat; maybe just big-boned. 🙂 Heck, I’d almost kill for her waistline. 🙂

    Maine Coons are wonderful. Our cat, Oliver, is a Ragdoll and he’s near Cous Cous’s size at 14 pounds or so. He makes more noise walking around the house than I do and, well, I’m a bit more than 14 pounds. 🙂

    • I’ve seen pictures of Ragdolls, but I don’t think I’ve seen one in person. (Or is that in cat?) Very striking cat.

      Cous Cous probably could lose a pound. Maybe two. But honestly she has a very big frame. And an awful lot of that “fat” is just loose skin and long, long fur.

      Not that most people believe me. A friend, Mark Monlux, just posted a comic about Cous Cous and her giant size on his website:


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