2001 Dick Giordano Interview–Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 2001 interview that I did with Dick Giordano who passed away today (March 27, 2010.) This posting contains excerpts not included with the interview published in Last Kiss #2 and contains references (among other things) to “Widow Miss Muffet” the story Dick and I did for that issue.

2001 interview transcribed by Christopher Irving. All art is by Dick Giordano. ©2010 Last Kiss Inc.

Why Do Romance?

LUSTIG: When I talk to more mature artists–people who didn’t start out drawing superheroes–there’s a kind of regret that there’s nothing but superheroes to do these days.

GIORDANO: Most people from my generation had to draw romance comic books in order to survive: John Romita, Sr., Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, and so many other people [like] Gene Colan… they all spent so much time on romance work… Artists and writers who entered the field after 1970 had very few genres other than superheroes

LUSTIG: People have discussed this before, but do you think part of the comic book industry’s current problems is that we just have superheroes? It’s such a narrow subject. I just don’t see the general public being interested in comic books as long as it’s just superheroes.