New Contest:
A Last Kiss Comic by You and Orson Scott Card!

Submissions: The deadline for submissions is now over and the seven finalists have been selected. You can vote and help select the winner until Feb. 13 at 11:59 p.m. CST. The winner will be announced Feb. 15. 

Contest Details: Orson Scott Card wrote a fun (and suitably silly) caption for a panel of John Lustig’s Last Kiss art. The challenge for fans? Create some funny dialog that fit with Card’s wild caption and the art.

Prizes: The winner’s name and dialog will appear on the comic when it’s posted (Feb. 15) on,, and other sites featuring Last Kiss. The winner will also receive 24 Last Kiss note/greeting cards, plus a high-quality, color print of the winning comic–autographed by both Card and Lustig. Two runner ups will each receive a dozen Last Kiss cards plus bragging rights to being “that close!”

Like to see all the dialog fans sent us? Read submissions here!

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  1. He: Are you unhappy, Dear?
    She: Yes, yes, completely.

    • Hi, Chuck. Thanks for gag. But if you want it considered for the contest then you need to submit it here:

  2. John, Are we going to be able to see submissions or are you keeping them secret & only revealing the winners?

  3. Wyld1mi, this has been something that’s bothered me about the new contest. Using a form submission–which has been really helpful to me–means that people aren’t posting here. I do think that takes some of the fun out of it. I think I’ve figured out to fix that and will post some or all of the submissions later today. Stay tooned

  4. MAN: Darling, this is heaven. The sky is an amazing blue, like the hand of God used the Photoshop render tool. The air is fresh, crisp, and I can smell the sweet woody scent of the tree that shelters us. I have good food, a fine ale, the newest Orson Scott Card novel Hidden Empire and a beautiful lady to share this all with. This isn’t science fiction, my love, this is life! This is bliss!
    WOMAN: Zzzzzzzz…!

  5. Her: So…What’s in the basket? (wink)



  1. Last Kiss » Archive » Vote - [...] and on on Feb. 15. Detailed info about the cool prizes and dreary rules are here.…

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