Disney Buys Marvel Comics…And I Have Some Fun!


Since Disney bought Marvel Comics today, I thought I’d reprint a comic I did recently for Comics Buyer’s Guide about the deal. Since I’ve worked for both Disney and Marvel, I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with the merger. In fact, this art came from a DuckTales story I wrote (and William Van Horn drew) years ago. The dialog, of course, is new!

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  1. I know the Marvel shareholders agreed to the deal yesterday, but doesn’t it still have to pass a Federal Trade Commission anti-trust review?
    In any event, I hope Disney treats the House of Ideas better than it’s owners since the 1980s have.

    • Lee, anything is possible, but I doubt the FTC will have a problem with this. This doesn’t seem like a monopoly situation. And far more controversial deals have been approved. But who knows?

      As for how Disney will treat Marvel, I’m actually pretty optimistic. But we’ll have to wait an see. I like the prospect of Pixar and Marvel working together on movies!

  2. It should be “Me neither.”

    • Harold, thanks. I think you’re probably right in terms of grammar. The question is whether it sounds right as dialog. I’m still puzzling over that.


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