My Wonderful, Scary Month

It’s been a wonderful, happy, scary and weird few weeks in the Lustig household. My daughter’s recent wedding supplied the wonderful and happy portion. The scary and weird part has been something I haven’t talked about, though.

My wife–the amazing Shelagh–hasn’t felt too amazing this last month. In fact she spent several days in the hospital with a really nasty infection that caused an abscess in her nose. (Scary because it could’ve gone into her brain.). She had surgery (twice), but is mostly fine now and should make a full recovery. Really.

Why am I mentioning this now? Well, mostly because we’ve come through this and I’m sure there’s a happy ending. But also because I want to explain why I’ve been re-running a few of my older comics recently.

Frankly, after getting through a month of medical drama and our daughter’s wedding, I decided to give myself a gift: a few days off while I catch up.

Hence today’s re-run. New stuff is coming soon. Really!

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  1. Geez John!! I have a favorite saying, “You never know the other fellow’s problems”. And that’s especially true when you’re dealing with a guy who’s always funny and upbeat and supposed to be giving out humor to the masses. I am really sorry that you had to carry that burden of having an ailing wife as you’re giving your daughter off in marriage. Nothing funny about that. All’s well that ends well…so we’re glad you’re a soldier and “rolling along” as the old song goes.
    We will be moving back to Arizona in two weeks and will pick up Last Kiss then…keep ’em coming. The Ol’ Senator

  2. Hey John,
    Been a fan for a couple years now. Never saw this comic before so still good new laughs for me. I’ve said hello to you a couple times at ECCC. Godspeed to your wife’s recovery and Congrats to the addition of your son-in law.

  3. Thanks. I’ve received a lot of good wishes from folks and believe me…they’re very much appreciated.


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