Quick Convention Report Teaser

101_00564502I’ll post a real Comic-Con International 2009 report this weekend, but in the meantime here’s a photo of Jackie Estrada, Batton Lash and me (far right) at the Supernatural Law booth. In addition to doing one of the best and longest running independent comics books, Bat does a great web comic. Check it out: “Beware the creatures of the night! They have lawyers.”    Photo by Robyn Hill.

Comic-Con International 2009


I’m doing several signings at Comic Con International 2009 this week in San Diego. If you want some free Last Kiss goodies or just want to chat, come on by. I’ll be the handsome guy in the Last Kiss shirt:

THURSDAY (July 23):
• 5-6 pm World’s Famous Comics–Booth 4918

FRIDAY (July 24):
• 1-2 pm Comics Buyer’s Guide–Booth 1419
• 5:30-6:30 pm World’s Famous Comics–Booth 4918

SATURDAY (July 25):
• 10-11 am World’s Famous Comics–Booth 4918
• 3-4 pm Little Lulu Fan Group–Room 24A (No signing, but I’ll be there and it’s lots of fun. Come by and take part in a “radio” reading and recording of one of John Stanley’s classic and hilarious Little Lulu stories!

SUNDAY (July 26):
• 1-2 pm Cartoon Art Museum–Booth 1930
• 3:30-4:30 pm World’s Famous Comics–Booth 4918

My Wonderful, Scary Month

It’s been a wonderful, happy, scary and weird few weeks in the Lustig household. My daughter’s recent wedding supplied the wonderful and happy portion. The scary and weird part has been something I haven’t talked about, though.

My wife–the amazing Shelagh–hasn’t felt too amazing this last month. In fact she spent several days in the hospital with a really nasty infection that caused an abscess in her nose. (Scary because it could’ve gone into her brain.). She had surgery (twice), but is mostly fine now and should make a full recovery. Really.

Why am I mentioning this now? Well, mostly because we’ve come through this and I’m sure there’s a happy ending. But also because I want to explain why I’ve been re-running a few of my older comics recently.

Frankly, after getting through a month of medical drama and our daughter’s wedding, I decided to give myself a gift: a few days off while I catch up.

Hence today’s re-run. New stuff is coming soon. Really!