Revenge of the Booth Babe–Part 3 of 3

Revenge of the Booth Babe–Part 3 of 3

I should point out that THE LEAGUE OF BALDING, MIDDLE-AGED GUYS IN SKIN-TIGHT SUITS would make a swell movie. I’m waiting for offers from Hollywood right now. Still waiting.

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↓ Transcript
CAPTION (voice over by woman--main character): “My hubby bought me Marvey Comics as a wedding present! At last I could have my revenge! I immediately announced that we were publishing a new comic book: The League of Balding, Middle-Aged Guys in Skin-Tight Suits!"

WOMAN: Congrats, gentlemen! You’re our new booth bunnies! Your costumes are in the shoebox on my desk!

MAN: Oh, boy! dibs on the purple thong!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Dan Kimmel says:

    Okay, but then after it comes out you have to slam Hollywood for ruining your concept and take your name off of any future adaptations.

  2. admin says:

    I’ve already written my rant of protest, Dan. So I’ll be ready for the movie. I have to admit–unlike Alan Moore–I’d gladly accept the movie money.