Sob Sister!

Sob Sister!

Sob Sister is obviously one of those people who thrives on misery. But at least she gets a super power out of it. The downside is that her version of Kryptonite is being happy. Give her a big box of chocolates or a passionate kiss…and she feels weak. A Sex and the City marathon renders her utterly helpless. And that’s so sad…I suddenly feel like wearing a cape and thwarting crime!

By the way, if this comic looks familiar then it’s probably because I’m recycling a few comics as I get up to speed doing three comics a week on GoComics. But a lot of the old-timers are getting a face lift–new color and revised dialogue. Hopefully, they’ll be even better the second time around.

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  1. Heidi says:

    lol Funny…but the first time they spell her name, it’s “Cyndi”. The second time it’s spelled “Cindy”. lol. Sorry, I can be a bit of a grammar freak. This is pretty funny though!

  2. admin says:

    It’s grammar (and typo) freaks like you that keep me honest, Heidi. Thanks for letting me know about the mistake. I just corrected it and uploaded the new version. I originally spelled the character’s name “Cyndy”, but later decided to switch to “Cyndi.” I forgot to make the change to her name in the second caption. And, yes, I’m glad you liked Sob Sister. She makes me happy too–which is probably why I don’t have any super powers. –John

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