What took me so long?


In an age when everybody and their brother (and their dog) has a blog, why has it taken me so long to start? Well, maybe I’ve been busy. Or maybe I’ve been afraid I’d run out of things to say. Or maybe…I’m just shy.

Yes, that’s it. I’m a shrinking violet.

Now, that’s going to sound silly to anyone who’s been reading my comics over the years. But I can say things in comics that I can’t say in real life. On the other hand, are blogs real life? Beats me.

Of course, I’ve shared bits of my life over the years with the readers of my mailing list. And I used to be a newspaper columnist several thousand years or so ago. So I’m not going to pretend I’m completely tongue-tied.

But writing a blog seems different. It’s more like keeping a journal. So now my life and work need to be interesting—on a regular basis. No pressure. I think I’ll take up sky diving. That should be worth at least one blog entry. Two if my parachute doesn’t open…and I survive.

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  1. John,
    I’ve done some skydiving (two first-time static line jumps). It’s a few short minutes of extreme terror and pleasure and then it’s all over. Nothing to take up blog space about.
    (Waitaminnit–sounds like my honeymoon. Geeze, was my wife ticked off. . .)

  2. Wow, John. I’m impressed. As someone who has a mild fear of heights–I can climb anything if I’ve got something to hold onto, but put me on the edge of a building without a railing and I’m not going near the edge if I can avoid it–I’m impressed with anyone who’s jumped out of a plane. But doing it twice? Impressive!

    • actually, it’s faith in the procedure and the equipment that allows you to do it. Plus, at 3,000 feet, your points of reference are off, so it’s likely you’d be more afraid on a balcony of a tall building. Letting go of the plane is the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever done.
      (And I had to take the first jump course again, if you let 6 months pass in between, you have to repeat.) I always wanted to make it “my” sport, but the 2-1/5 hour drive made it difficult. Now with lower back problems –and a family!– I’d be afraid to damage myself.


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